What are the prerequisites you need?

- None! You don't need to have trained anything before. The only requirement is that you are at least 4 years old.

What should I wear when I start karate / come to a trial class?

- You can wear regular workout clothes and bare feet, but it's a good idea to wear long pants. If you feel that karate is for you after a few sessions, you can invest in a karate suit (a gi, price from around 300-2000 DKK depending on quality). The suit can be ordered through the club.

What do you typically do in a training session?

- We start with warm-up exercises for the first 15-30 minutes, then technique training followed by strength training. We finish with stretching/relaxation exercises.

- A training session in the children's class is a little different. Here we play our way through the techniques to “trick” the children into getting better.

What about belt grades?

- Graduation is held almost every six months or as needed. It takes a minimum of 5-6 years of training to become a black belt, depending on how often you train.

Is there a special etiquette?

- Yes, there is a set of rules for how you should behave. These rules are made for your own safety and the safety of others, and for you to generally treat other people in a nice and proper manner. Read more about the etiquette here.

Is the training in Japanese?

- Most commands and the names of the techniques have Japanese names, however, they will initially also be translated. You will not be exposed to whole sentences in Japanese. The more detailed explanations will be in Danish/English.

Is there a very tough discipline?

- No, there isn't. There is a natural respect and training discipline towards the instructors and your fellow practitioners, but there is no strict discipline that many associate with martial arts.


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